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The Indie Showcase presents, Dedra L. Stevenson – Welcome to my Worlds.

Today on the Showcase, I’m delighted to welcome Dedra L. Stevenson, author and filmmaker. Dedra, the Showcase is yours for the day.
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A New Edition Coming Soon and a Play!

I’ve worked very hard on a new audio play based on this novel, and plan to finish writing it very soon. Personally, and I don’t mind saying this myself, I believe that this story is going to be absolutely amazing as an audio performance!

Additionally, I am getting ready to release a second edition of Desert Magnolia very soon, so that it can take its’ proper place in the literary world.

Oh, and just one more thing. I have a short film script for this story, and a brilliant location in Ajman for filming. Are you interested in helping me produce this film? Let me hear from you.