Empty Nest Syndrome


Ever since my son started his military conscription service, I’ve been thinking of this off and on. By this time next year, Ibrahim, my son with Autism, may be my only kid at home! Saeed will be back in Graduate School.  Hanan will have started a University program of some kind, and Abdullah will be in his conscription service.  My, oh my, what a change that will be!

It got me wondering though, about the expectations of a woman with grown children.  Traditionally, women at this stage are expected to accept their status as “old” and wait for grandchildren to arrive on the scene so that they have someone to bake cookies for.

The thing is…I never really was the “cookie baking type”, even when my kids were small.  I preferred to buy the cookies already made and spend my time doing things like this…blogging, writing, film making, podcasting, screenwriting, etc… I also don’t believe in age as a number, but as an attitude.  Einstein believed that time doesn’t exist and there could be countless versions of us in countless versions of the past, present and future.  So, in this way of thinking, the power of positive thinking and positive attraction stands to reason.  If you can imagine a version of yourself that doesn’t age pysically, but retains that child like attitude towards learning new things and trying new experiences, you can conceivably be young forever. .. Well, I don’t know if it’s possible, but I do know that there are NO rules anymore.  Age as a number means nothing, and there are 90+ year old people that are still athletes and active scholars and travelers. So, don’t blame me if I don’t do the expected and just sit around waiting to die.  That’s not gonna happen here, if God’s willing.

My new film project, “Just a Girl” will address some of these issues, so I’m looking forward to calling attention to that.  I’m also thinking of making an episode on female issues for my new podcast, Desert Magnolia, as well.  Let me know if there’s something you want me to discuss!

That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t really address the issue of Empty Nest Syndrome.  I know it’s something that I need to prepare for now. How do you prepare for it?

I assume that you carry on being busy and productive, whilst looking after yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.  That’s my plan at least.  However, the heart is the heart, and I know this is going to be a BIG adjustment.


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